Monday, March 2, 2015

Hope you all had a happy valentines day--Feb 16th 2015

Hope you all had a happy day of love and friendship!

(o feliz dia del amor y la amistad)

yWe had a good week here. It went by super fast. I cant believe its P'day. However, thats good means we worked hard. 

On valentines day the other hermanas had a baptism and it was super awesome. Jorge and Alejandra got baptized. we ran into Jorge several times through out the day and he was just beaming and was just so so excited for his baptism. It was cute. It made me super excited for him.

 Baptism really is a great thing and great first step. Its the doorway to our path back home... but not the end. Baptism is where we are ´born again´... not where we accept him and are saved.. We are saved after all we have done... enduring to the end.

 Baptism is really a thing we pursue to invite our investigators to reach but ultimately those blessings of the temple are what we really want for them. The gospel brings so many blessings and baptism is just a step towards them.

 I love this gospel and know its true. I know its not easy to live it but its worth it. 

 On another note, 

I just have an awkward-amusing story to share with you.

 Being a white woman in the DR:

 So yesterday my companion and I were helping shell beans or ´habichuelas´is what they call them in a poorer neighborhood. While we were there sharing and helping this older couple several people came up to us and tried offering their babies to us. i felt really awkward. they were like.. do you want it? i was like hes cute, but no. And then one guy was talking to my comp telling her she was going to be her visa... i told that man to leave and she was not going to be his visa...

 my life as a Sister missionary in the Dominican Repubolic


Anyway hope you got a kick out of my life and that you have a fantastic week!

oh and happy Presidents day!

con amor, 

hermana hildman

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