Tuesday, March 10, 2015

The Spirt speaks softly - March 9th 2015

Today I am writing on Tuesday because we didnt have the chance yesterday... because of a random DR San Juan holiday so many internet cafes were closed...

So transfers came and our house is the same. I wasnt expecting a change since my companion and I are still in training. However we thought hermana Kantoa might leave but shes here again in San Juan for her 5th transfer. woof... long time. However, shes such a great sunshine were excited to have her again.

My week was really good. I really love serving with my companion. Shes such a great missionary and hard worker. She helps me when i feel disanimated.. its great. 

Missionary work is tough but so worth it. My companion and I are working with this awesome family! I dont know if I have mentioned them yet. But theyre the familia Ramirez Sanchez. The mom Rosa is a member but less active because she lost contact with the church after moving away. And her husband and kids are not members. They have now been to church 2-3 times. the wife 3 times but the others only twice. They are so awesome. They accepted a baptism date for the 4th of April. The dad said that they have been waiting for something like this. He had talked to the sister missionaries before but they never stopped by. And I had passed by their house several times and everytime i saw rosa i always felt i should talk to her... but never did.

However, The Lord works in mysterious ways and he kept having us run into this family because they are ready. We really need to listen to the Spirit. 

Even the small promptings are so important. I am learning that lesson a lot with my companion. We get little promptings all the time... that appear as just good ideas. Its only like 3 seconds and you recognize it and many times i feel i had shaken them off.. but my comp has taught me to really follow those good ideas and feelings. because really the spirit speaks softly... 

I know that this is God´s work. I know He loves us... truly He does. The Spirit is real. It is so so so real. There would be no way I could be here teaching the gospel without it... The Spirit is what teaches. I am only a mouthpiece.

I love the Gospel, I love our Savior Jesus Christ, I love our Heavenly Father, and I love all of you...

I hope you have a great week!

Love Hermana Hildman

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