Monday, March 2, 2015

The Sun always shines--Feb 23rd 2015

So I dont know whats happening but the weeks go by so so so fast. 

 This last week we went to Azua for a zones conference and learned a lot. One thing about being a missionary is youre never a perfect one... and always always can improve.
thats how it is in life though too. We´re here to improve and continually learn. Sometimes I dont feel the brightest but I strive to improve day by day and thats all we can ever really do.


I just wanted to share a cool experience. So we have found this family. The mother was baptized in 1987 but moved away shortly after that and then moved back to San Juan and the church was really far away so she never went back. Well i had seen her several times before when i was with hermana Dibble and i always felt like we should talk to her but I never did other than a short hola with passing.

However a couple days ago we were sharing a message in the street when she passed by and mentioned shed like us to visit her. we said of coarse and set a day to go visit her. We showed up that day and found out she was a member and shared with her husband and son. Ironically we had also met the husband a day or so before and he had told us that down the street was a woman named Rosa that liked the Mormon church... However, he didnt mention it was his WIFE.... Anyway, Heavenly Father works in mysterious ways and we now know this family. 

We shared with them and invited them to church. They said sure and we offered to walk with them. So we told them 830 but we showed up early and they were all ready to go. (except the husband because he had to work)... However Rosa and her two kids were ready and excited to go. We showed up early to church and were able to show them around and explain a little bit about baptism and the sacrament. They all seemed very interested and entrigued. 

Anyway, church got started and we helped them to thier classes and what not. We left for a short while to pick up another investigator and to stop by a less active. The investigator Cheilin came with us and the young women just welcomed her in and became instant best friends which was so awesome. The less active (Teresa) came later and ended up setting next to Rosa and they seemed to be hitting it off too. Teresa wants to visit Rosa with us. 

Its so cool how missionary works. Usually Sundays are super stressfull but yesterday was a miracle day.

I love the Gospel truly and know its true. I know that it blesses lives. We are not perfect and can continually improve and the Gospel helps us grow and improve in the right direction. 

I know Heavenly Father lives and loves us. I know that Jesus Christ is His son and that His gospel has been restored to earth. 

I know it.

I love you all and hope you have a great week and try to look for the many blessings and tender mercies Heavenly Father will give you this week.

Despite the rain the sun is always there. Be happy. Be grateful. Be true.

Love you!

con mi amor,

Hermana Hildman

 (the pic is our zone here in San Juan with President and Sister Nuckols)

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