Monday, March 23, 2015

Mountains to climb-March 23 2015

Alright I just want to start off with this video. I want you all to look it up. 



So I honestly bawled when i watched that video.

This week for some reason has been very emotional and hard for me. But just how the video illustrates as we strengthen our faith in Jesus Christ it will help us endure and overcome even the hardest struggles...

The simple things such as prayer and scripture study really are so so so important. This week honestly went by so fast. I do have a small experience I want to share with you guys.

The other night my companion and I were just about to enter our house and go up the stairs when we saw an older lady walking with a sack. we hesitated and then asked her if she needed any help. She said no but we asked her if we could walk her home since it was late. She agreed and we walked with her. She was a sweet old lady. In the sack she had some leaves for some rabbits she has. We just visited and walked with her to her house. It was something really small but really was neat to be there and help her even though it was small. We havent seen her since, but we now know where she lives and always look for her as we pass.

I love missionary work even its small things like that. God works through small and simple means... and uses the weak and humble to bring to pass His work. 

 I love all of you and testify God is aware of you. Even when you feel so so low and dark He cares. I testify of the power of the priesthood. I testify that this is God´s church. I know we are never alone. God loves us and wants the very best for us. He stretches us and pushes us but He never abandons us during this ´training´.... 

Have a great week! Youre the best!

con muchísimo amor,

hermana hildman

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